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An auction of woodturners' art from Royal Greenwich Park Trees


Friday November 17th 2017

Viewing from 2pm

Live Auction 7.30pm


The Trafalgar Tavern, 27 Park Row, Greenwich, London SE10 9NW

DSCF8923x DSCF8919x DSCF8900x DSCF8910x DSCF8911x DSCF8985x DSCF8988x DSCF8969x DSCF8957x DSCF8929x DSCF8925x DSCF8927x DSCF8913x DSCF8918x DSCF8991x DSCF8992x DSCF8939x DSCF8952x DSCF8997x DSCF9004x DSCF8949x DSCF8885x DSCF9006x DSCF9009x DSCF9012x DSCF8907x DSCF8906x DSCF9015x DSCF9019x DSCF9022x DSCF8883x DSCF8888x DSCF9026x DSCF9029x DSCF9034x DSCF8982x DSCF8890x DSCF8892x DSCF8896x DSCF9090x DSCF9083x